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Our Producers

Shetland lamb has been reared by Shetland farmers and crofters for centuries. However, for the most part, its very existence appears to have been kept a closely guarded secret.

All that is changing.

The Shetland lamb producers – some 300 of them – have come together through the Taste Shetland brand to bring this highly sought after product range to new markets.

From our pool of farmers and crofters our experienced stocksmen hand-pick the very best lamb. Quality standards are strictly maintained and traceability for the customer goes way beyond the normal requirements. Our producer database provides information on the croft of origin, its location, and any outstanding geographic or family features that may be of interest.

See the provenance page for examples of our unique take on traceability.

Member Profiles

Eileen Hunter – Brindister

Eileen Hunter Eileen Hunter "We rear mainly Shetland sheep here at Brindister. Apart form pure Shetland, other tups currently used include Lleyn, Hill Cheviot and Texel, all with easy care in mind. However I must say nothing can beat the taste of pure native Shetland lamb!"

Brindister comprises of a large heathery hill which lies up and down the 'spine' of Shetland with a mix of in-by land throughout. Incidentally, it is home to the Broch of Burland and some picturesque coastal scenery.

The Nicolson family have been in Brindister for several generations. As is typically the case in Shetland, in years gone by the area was home to a large number of families each with their own small croft. Over the course of many years these have been run together to make it what it is today.

Mary Isbister – Burland

Mary Isbister Mary Isbister "My husband, Tommy, and I have been on our crofts from 1976, working and developing Burland in a traditional and environmental manner."

"We aim to maintain native Shetland breeds here, the coastal location of Burland allows our Shetland lambs to graze the seashore and giving them their distinct 'seaweed' flavour".

The Burland croft is situated on the Island of Tronda, the Isbister family also run a croft trail which depicts Shetland farming through the ages, attracting tourists and locals fromall over Shetland.

View the website online to find out more www.burlandcrofttrail.co.uk


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