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Our Brands

Shetland Island Lamb

With its heavier muscle structure and higher meat yield, Island lamb - which is available all year round - is deceptively familiar in appearance to mainland breeds. But there, the similarity ends. Its kinship to Hill and Seaweed lamb means that it possesses many of the unique characteristics and distinct flavour for which Shetland lamb is renowned. Shetland Island lamb will look familiar but retains the well-known characteristics associated with lamb produced in Shetland.

Shetland Hill Lamb

The classic native bred lamb. Tender and succulent with a delicate, slightly sweet flavour, the naturally lean quality of the meat is attained from the animals foraging over the islands' vast and remote heathery hills. Only available from September until December, Hill lamb has to be tasted to appreciate its true distinction.

Shetland Seaweed Lamb

Seaweed lamb's exclusivity is derived from native lambs that not only feed on the heather hills and inland pastures, but also have access to the islands' rugged seashore. This unique grazing combination makes for a truly memorable tasting experience.

Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Awards

Winner 2012 - Excellence Awards - Scotland of Food & Drink

Native Shetland Lamb was announced as the winner of the New Product Marketing award at the Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Awards 2012. Judges described the product as very good - nice, succulent, lovely, clean and flavoursome, while the entry was exciting with well thought out and well executed marketing.

Daily Telegraph Taste of Britain Award

Daily Telegraph Taste of Britain Awards - Best Seasonal Product - Silver Award

In February 2006, Taste Shetland Seaweed Lamb was announced as the Silver Medal winner in the Daily Telegraph ‘Taste of Britain’ awards. Seaweed Lamb won the award in the ‘Best Seasonal Product’ category.

Shetland Island Mutton

With exceptional texture and flavour as a result of the Shetland sheep’s diet of heather, salt-washed grass and seaweed from the shore, this true ‘slow food’ has to be tasted to be believed.

Shetland Island Beef

Shetland is home to a thriving herd of beef cattle. 'Island' beef is produced from the many UK and Continental breeds resident in the Islands.

Shetland Native Beef

Many people do not realise that Shetland has its own native breed of cattle. With only 200 breeding females on the Islands, Shetland Cattle are an officially designated rare breed of the Rare Breed Survival Trust. Many Shetlanders keep on these unique animals for their own consumption. When you experience the taste and texture you will know why. Please note Native beef is extremely exclusive - please contact the office for availability.


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