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Shetland Lamb: A Real Taste of the Islands

Despite the fact that it's flavour is unsurpassed and it is regarded by many as a true delicacy, real Shetland lamb has never been easy to source.

The Shetland Island farmers have come together to invite you to ‘Taste Shetland’ and experience a truly unique range of natural products.

The Taste Shetland brand was launched in August 2005 with three exciting lamb brands. 'Island' Lamb, 'Hill' Lamb and 'seaweed' Lamb.

Island Lamb
Hill Lamb
Seaweed Lamb
Island Beef
Native Beef

Discover the Secret

The taste of Shetland lamb has to be experienced to be believed.

Already the preferred choice of many leading butchers, chefs and cookery experts, Shetland lamb has many unique attributes:

  • Derived from the ancient Shetland native breed, Shetland lambs live a truly healthy and natural life in a traditional environment.
  • Shetland sheep have access to a unique mixed and entirely natural grazing on the Islands’ sea-washed grass pastures, vast heather hillscapes and rugged shoreline.
  • The meat is naturally lean; the animals forage over great distances for food
  • Highly prized, the meat is processed to the highest standards using advanced hanging, maturation and butchery techniques
  • The factors above give the meat a supremely succulent and tender quality with what some say is a delicate, slightly ‘sweet’ flavour

Everyone has their own personal story to tell on the Taste Shetland experience! This story is only enhanced with detailed provenance information which comes supplied with every order.


Quality standards are maintained stringently throughout and traceability for our customers extends way beyond the standard technical requirements. Our database can provide provenance information on the croft of origin, its location and outstanding geographic or family features that may be of interest. We would be delighted to furnish you with all the information you need.

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) stampShetland Lamb is protected under the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) scheme, regulation number 1107/96. This means that true Shetland Lamb must be born, reared, finished and slaughtered in the Shetland Islands.


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